Shannon Lee was born in Milwaukee, WI and continues to live in Wisconsin today. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2013 with a focus in Painting and Drawing. She is currently working full time as a professional fine artist completing realistic portraiture commissions as well as her personal painting series.

Shannon Lee works in oils and is inspired by peculiarities and intricacies in nature. Much of this curiosity comes from hiking outdoors when she finds different species of fungi. Shannon loves the diversity of forms of fungi that exist in nature and the varying colors and textures. This process has led to her series of paintings on mushrooms as well as her series on mold. Mold, another category of fungus, caters to Shannon’s interest in minute detail. For both the mushrooms and mold, the act of finding or growing the fungi is an important and exciting part of the process.

In addition to fungi, Shannon is also interested in the peculiarities and intricacies that exist in the human form. In her personal portrait series she depicts the human face on a larger-than-life scale in order to bring attention to overlooked details. Her objective in her artwork, whether it is people or fungi, is to allow the viewer to observe the beauty and complexities in otherwise disregarded or unappealing things like moldy food, pores, and wrinkles.